Service and Fees


I can advise, and represent before tribunals, both employers and employees in ordinary unfair dismissal and wrongful dismissal case.


These will vary depending on the complexity of your case, the need for additional documents or other information and the other side’s approach. More straightforward cases typically have a hearing date within four to six months of an application’s being made.

These time scales may be seriously affected by the COVID-19 pandemic which has disrupted the operation of all courts and tribunals and I will try to give you fuller information specific to your case at the time of your enquiry.


I charge fixed fees for all of my work where this is a practical possibility. This means I will charge you a set amount of money quoted in advance, for any work I do for you. 

Fees will vary according to the complexity of your case. Some cases are simple and some are more complex, requiring more preparatory work. For that reason fees for individual cases can vary and the fee I quote in your case may therefore be lower or higher than these illustrative estimates.

Your case may not need every item of work mentioned in the table below, and we may also decide that you will do some of the work yourself, in which case you only pay me only for the work that I do.

These estimates cover cases heard within Cumbria (additional travel and expenses may be charged for cases heard at other locations).

The fees are shown in full and there is no VAT to add (I am not a VAT registered business).

Written advice on your claim


Preparation of your case, including meetings with you and drafting of any tribunal documents


Preliminary Hearing


First day’s Tribunal Appearance


Tribunal appearances per day after the first day


Remedy Hearing to decide compensation