Service and Fees


It is sensible to set aside a full day for mediation of a dispute of any seriousness.

Mediation is best conducted at a neutral venue where neither of the parties feels either advantaged or disadvantagd.

It is best if at least two, but not more than three, persons from each party attend so that neither party feels bereft of support, but nor are there too many potentially conflicting voices within each delegation.

Two per party is the ideal.

Three separate rooms are required, one for each party and one for the mediator.

At my premises in Braithwaite, I can offer each party a separate room where they can discuss their own position and meet with the mediator apart from the other party, with a further plenary room where the two parties and the mediator can meet.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks and biscuits will be provided throughout the day and there is a variety of nearby places that offer lunch. A mid-day break from the proceedings is always to be recommended.

The premises allow for COVID-19 related social distancing requirements to be met.

My total fee for this service is £900 per day, payable in advance by each party (£1,800 total). This covers my time and full use of the facilities described.

If the mediation takes place at a suitable alternative venue (paid for by one or both the two parties) my fee for this service is £500 per day, payable in advance by each party (£1,000 total).

Fees are not refundable in the event of the parties’ failure to reach agreement.

It should be noted that this is, for each party, considerably less than a one day County Court trial could be expected to cost.

The fees are quoted in full and there is no VAT to add (I am not a VAT registered business).