Service and Fees


I charge fixed fees for all work in police and crime cases. This means I will charge a set amount for a given piece of work.

I will always quote a fee particular to your case. Some cases are simple and some more complex, requiring more preparatory work. For that reason fees for individual cases can vary and the fee I quote in your case may therefore be lower or higher than these illustrative estimates.

The fees are shown in full and there is no VAT to add (I am not a VAT registered business).

Conduct summary only matter in Magistrates Court to include initial advice; first appearance and one day trial and associated correspondence with court and prosecution (additional court appearances would require an additional fee)


Attend at first appearance and advise on Plea at Magistrates’ Court (matters triable in Crown Court)


Attend magistrates court for guilty plea and mitigation in summary matter


Advise on appeal to Crown Court from Magistrates Court after sentence


Conduct first day of appeal hearing in Crown Court